Westgate Las Vegas Resort & CASINO

3000 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV 89109
Held at the Westgate Convention Center

Stay where you weigh, wrestler & win!
1-866-731-7259 and use code SRMN5.

"THE FREAK SHOWis the fastest growing wrestling event in the country.  It's unique format of having youth and high school boys and girls divisions makes it possible to bring your whole program.  At the High School level the divisions consist of 15 & Under for first year freshman as well as seasoned middle school athletes, the Varsity Division for athletes that are not yet at the Elite Level, and the High School Elite Division which boasts the Best Wrestlers in the Country.

The overall talent coupled with the event being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada during one of the craziest weekends of the years has caused the event to be dubbed as, "The Freak Show of Amateur Wrestling".  With the base of the event being athletes from talent rich California, the competitors from the other 34 states that attended in 2012 got all they could bargain for and much more...  At the Youth levels, RMN Events, Tulsa and Reno Champions litter the brackets.  With 861 high school programs in California alone, the Varsity Division brackets are loaded with solid top level competitors.  The Elite Division ---  Fargo Champs and World Team Members have gone 0-2.  The Women's Elite Division boasts world champions and the atmosphere is star studded with UFC Athletes and Celebrities roaming the event floor.
If you're looking for an event that can double as both a team builder for the season ahead and a great vacation even with a few bumps and bruises as keepsakes then "The Freak Show" is all that and much more....
This event is a FLO Major and we will have live video coverage. Champions in every division and weight class get 5" medals and the prized Freak Show Champions Singlet.  If you amaze us all with your freaky talent, You many just be inducted into The Freak Show Hall of Fame one day!