Today’s Freakalert is on Jerzie Estrada, a young wrestler who has an impressive record at such a young age, and is looking to bring home her 3rd Freakshow title

Career Highlights:
Reno Worlds girls 18u 124 – 1st
USA Folkstyle Nationals Cadet 124 – 1st
2x Freakshow Champion
Women’s high school elite as a 7th and 8th grader
Colorado USA middle school state – 3rd in boys division
Fargo National Champion and OW

Having just started high-school, Jerzie is in contention to become a 6-time Freakshow champion, and is looking ahead to double bracket at Monster Match this November.

Jeff Estrada, head coach of the Sons of Thunder, is bringing 30-40 wrestlers. Estrada commented on the new women’s divisions, “I think they’re really strong. The Freakshow Highschool Division has been strong the last two years and it’s growing each year,” he said.

Lookout for Jerzie Estrada and the Sons of Thunder at Freakshow this October. Don’t miss out on one of the biggest tournaments this Fall, with elite competition from around the country.