“In the works” This year, the Triple Crown and Golden Gear take on a new form. RMN Events has brought the opportunity for something very unique and special to the wrestling world. RMN Events has commissioned new state of the art sculptures for both awards. The sculptor, a fine art & museum artist, comes from a long lineage of fine art & museum sculptors. His great uncle Louis Paul Jonas has completed many world-famous sculptures, such as the life-size dinosaurs for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair & life-size animals for the Smithsonian. Joseph P. Jonas III began working at his father’s museum exhibits firm as a teenager and completed his first piece at the age of 16 for the Brockhouse Museum collection in South Dakota. Breaking off in 1989 launched his own business as a contract artist. Though skilled in all art forms, he has focused on sculpting and over the past 25 years has sculpted hundreds of commissioned works as well as human and animal mannequins, ranging from jewelry prototypes to life-size dinosaurs. His art can be admired throughout the world in museums, stores, and private collections. Now your wrestler gets to not only accomplish an amazing feat as an athlete, but also bring home a piece of fine art that can be admired for generations to come. “We wanted to offer something very special to the wrestler whereby the families can display this award in their home forever.” said Ed Gutierrez. Those who win the Triple Crown or Golden Gear awards can take the opportunity to order a custom authentic bronze Triple Crown or Golden Gear to keep. This not only gives a lasting memory to the wrestler, but also provides a chance for the entire family to enjoy a bronze piece from a tremendously gifted sculpture artist. Call us for more details if you would like your own bronze piece… Click here for a closer look: