Bubba Jenkins at Monster Match Nationals

Colorado High School Coaches Association is excited to announce that they will be hosting Bubba Jenkins as the guest clinician for the annual CHSCA meeting held during RMN Events Monster Match Nationals this November in Denver.

Jenkins picked up wrestling at age 9 along with basketball and football after the death of his father, a 2-time Indiana State Champion. Jenkins’ wrestling career took off immediately. In his first two years of wrestling, he went 120-2. After exponential success, he signed with Penn State and became a junior world champion and an NCAA finalist, later signing with Arizona State and becoming a NCAA Champion.

Jenkins loves giving back to the young wrestling community. “I’m one of those guys who loves to going back to middle schools and old Y's or boys and girls clubs that I used to attend and talk to them. When I was coming up, I didn’t have that wrestler who came back to say ‘Hey if you’re on the fence about wrestling you should stay in,’ I never had that motivator.”

He’s big on self-motivation, and his clinics revolve around showing competitors new moves they’ve never done, and techniques that they’ve never seen. He is truly focused on strengthening wrestling as a sport, and community by focusing on its foundation, which is getting kids psyched about the sport.

“Even if they don’t appreciate it now, later in life they’ll see how big it was for them.”

Jenkins is psyched for the CHSCA clinic and RMN Events’ Monster Match Nationals in November.

“I’m happy to be going back to Denver. I haven’t been in Denver in a long time. I’m pretty sure West coast wrestling is a lot different than East coast wrestling, so I’m excited to see what Denver’s got to present as far as their wrestling program.”

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from the best at the CHSCA and Monster Match Nationals. Jenkins is a world-class competitor on the mat, and inspiring individual with an incredible story.

“Always have that belief in yourself. There’s gonna be a lot of people along the way who’ll tell you that you’re not as good as you think you are, or to quit, or do something else. There’d be plenty of people who wouldn’t have stories had they not believed in themselves.”

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Shawn Charles at Monster Match Nationals

Colorado High School Coaches Association is excited to announce that they will be hosting Shawn Charles as guest speaker at their 25th annual coaches meeting held during the RMN Events’ Monster Match Nationals this November in Denver.

Shawn Charles is a 4 time All-American, 2-time USA finalist who wrestled at Arizona State. Charles’ coaching career is impressive. He was the head coach at ASU from 2009-2014 and had the opportunity to coach 3 Olympic games. Having coached 42 All-Americans and 5 national champions there is no doubt that Charles is an experienced and gifted coach.

To Charles, the best part of coaching comes from, “Working with young men who are motivated to work hard and are committed to training and doing the things that contribute to becoming the best wrestler they can be.” Charles’ motivation goes hand in hand with his motto in wrestling, “Commitment breeds champions.”

He believes the Colorado High School Coaches Association is doing a great job and is thrilled with their performance nationally. As a coach who emphasizes technique and helps wrestlers get better, Charles says he’s pumped to come to Colorado for the Colorado High School Coaches Association and Monster Match Nationals in November not just because RMN Events always runs great, professional tournaments, but also because Colorado athletes are hard workers, eager to learn, and good listeners.

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to learn from the best at the Colorado High School Coaches Association meeting and Monster Match Nationals in Denver Colorado November 7th, 2015.

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Enzo Bell - Coming up in the UFC

Enzo and Darren Bell, father and son duo had a one of a kind experience at UFC Ultimates this past week. RMN Events was asked what wrestler had a story that embodied the essence of the sport and the heart that it takes to succeed on the mat. None other than Enzo Bell fit the bill.

The young 10-year-old wrestler, who is also part of the Xtreme Pro Apparel team, was undefeated for the entire tournament, and UFC decided to do an exclusive interview with Enzo and his dad.

Only at RMN Events do things like this happen. Join up to follow the dream and get recognized! 

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Andrew Alirez on the Rise

After winning the match, I asked him how he felt about the win, and having to face the Indiana state champ again the following day, and there was nothing but humble determination,

“It felt really good. It’s getting me closer to my goal of becoming an Olympian. I’ll definitely be going in tomorrow a lot more confident, every win I get better, every match I get better.”

It’s this depth of character and ambition that are exceptional for a wrestler his age. Expect to see big things from Andrew Alirez in the RMN Events 2015-2015 and beyond.

Andrew Alirez is a multitalented young wrestler beyond his years in experience and character.  As a 3rd generation boxer who’s only been boxing for 2 years, and already has a record of 10 and 0 with a Ring Side Championship under his belt, it’s evident that Alirez lets his natural athleticism do most of the talking.

When I asked him about the transition into boxing he said -“I think if you’ve wrestled you can do any other sport because of how demanding wrestling is mentally and physically”. If this wasn’t coming from a tested athlete I may not have believed that statement but Andrew has proven himself time after time. From national Boxing tournaments, to Rocky Mountain Nationals in Denver, he has gone up against some of the best and come out on top.

This past weekend at UFC Ultimates was no exception. Alirez was calm, cool, and collected after his match against Indiana State Champ Colton Cummings. He’s a 14- year-old 8th grader, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that purely from his performance. Alirez hung on for the entire match, unwavering in the face of a fierce competitor.

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