The Making of an Amatuer Champion (Rent in the Description -
  1. The Making of an Amatuer Champion (Rent in the Description - $1.99)

The Making of an Amatuer Champion (Rent in the Description - $1.99)

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Ed Gutierrez – Director of RMN Events – has launched a partnership with producer Craig Scott to film a documentary about the world of amateur wrestling. Similarly, Craig Scott – who was an amateur wrestler while he attended Columbine – he has been featured on shows such as Oprah, Today Show, Good Morning America with Katie Couric, CNN, and many others for his nationwide crusade to deliver his own message of hope that stems from his personal touch with death. A highly sought after speaker by high schools and other organizations, Scott is also an up and coming filmmaker who has worked on a number of major motion pictures and television shows. As a board director of the American Screenwriters Association and having people behind him like Kent Philip – CEO of Turner Broadcasting, Katie Couric, and Chuck Norris, Scott has a promising career in the film industry in which his ultimate goal is to be a person of influence and positively affect those he works with and those that view his work. With this featured film production, the staff will also have the assistance of Scott Ransom, who has stacked up twenty-five years of experience working with television shows such as 60-Minutes, HBO, ABC News, CBS News, Discovery Channel to name just a few. He has assisted with other box office hits such as Batman, All the Right Moves, with Hollywood star Tom Cruise, Power Rangers and Steven Seagals on Deadly Ground. This is a small background overview of expertise that Ransom brings to the set. Gutierrez shared his dream to produce a knockout documentary with Scott, instantly, Scott knew that he wanted to share Ed’s dream, and help to make it a reality. Specifically, the documentary will portray young athletes who dedicate their lives to the sport from an early age, and will showcase the Lane family and athletes – from elementary school, middle school and high school to college and into the Olympics. It will also portray the positive and negative pressures that a young wrestler would face in becoming a world champion. “This film may showcase some deserving kids from our backyard in Colorado. To watch such a documentary on HBO someday would be extremely exciting for the sport, as well as the athletes and families who are chosen to participate in its creation.” - Ed Gutierrez Most people in mainstream America just don't understand the dedication and commitment it takes to be a wrestler, not to mention the additional work it takes to be successful a wrestler. The documentary "The Making of an Amateur Champion" should be a great opportunity for the world to see how truly special our sport is and how exceptional the people are that compete. This has great promotional potential. — W.I.N. Magazine Publisher Bryan Van Kley "I applaud the efforts of Ed Gutierrez and Craig Scott to make a documentary that will showcase the history of amateur wrestling. As mankind's oldest sport, wrestling's history coincides with that of civilization itself. No sport can match wrestling's illustrious heritage and it is important that those who love wrestling take an active role in promoting it." - Mike Chapman, Executive Director of the International Wrestling Institute & Museum

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