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  1. The New Hedgear Device

The New Hedgear Device

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Electronic Hedgear Device, no more yelling! This is the edge!!!
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This letter is in regard to the head gear communication device purchased at Rocky Mountain National’s Colorado Middle School State wrestling tournament hosted at the National Western Complex. Unsolicited: I purchased the unit and got the run down on how it worked 5 minutes prior to having two wrestlers up at the same time on different mats. We padded the head gear, did a quick sound check, and on one of my two kids, and went at it. It was the first time in 22 back to back years of wrestling that I was able to experience a detailed, effective method of communication between a wrestler and coach during a match, and is the only way that I was able to coach two wrestlers at once (granted, I had to concentrate on when to use the mic, and when to yell, but it was still an unprecedented experience).

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