The National High School Coaches Association (“NHSCA”), the National United Wrestling Association for Youth (“NUWAY”) and Rocky Mountain Nationals are proud to announce the formation of the Ultimate Alliance that will focus on all-levels of the sport of wrestling.  The partnership between these three organization will establish a foundation for athletes, coaches and programs to support wrestling from the youth level right through the professional ranks.  The Ultimate Alliance has aligned itself with the UFC organization for its first national event, The Ultimate Wrestling Championship.

The Ultimate Wrestling Championship has been created to showcase America’s most talented wrestlers in one of the grandest venues in the world, the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay.  This unique, one of a kind event features both team and individual competitions.  All the wrestling will take place during International Fight Week in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This wrestling event will take center-stage during the week of activities planned for fight fans around the world.  Every college coach will be informed of this summer wrestling showcase and many will attend. 


The 3 day competition starts with a team dual meet competition with both a folk-style and free-style offering.  Folk-style will showcase high school, middle school and elementary school divisions.  The free-style dual meets will only feature a high school division. 


Following the 1½ days of dual meets, 8 “Ultimate teams” will compete in a never before seen scholastic style dual meets.  Each of the 8 teams will be coached by “celebrity coaches.”  The celebrity coaches will include top Division I head coaches and current wrestling and UFC superstars!  Top wrestlers from all over the country will be invited to register and participate.  Any “openings” still available will be filled in by the “draft” by the celebrity coaches following the dual meet competition. 


The 3rd day of competition will feature a “last man standing” folk-style event for each age group. There will also be a “last man standing” free-style event for the high school division as well.  These are single elimination events.  Only the last man standing in each weight-class will earn the championship belt!  Only the strong can and will survive this test.

In the high school division, there will be three outstanding wrestlers (light weight, middle weight and heavier weight) recognized and presented with a belt prior on national television, prior to the featured fight during fight week.  Participating wrestlers and coaches will rub-elbows with UFC superstars and leadership throughout the competition.  Any participating wrestler will be granted admission into the International Fight Week activities.  Event participants will be invited to a Saturday night “Fight Night” party, exclusive to our participants and their families.  Additional special considerations and event details are being added as planning for this, Ultimate Event, continues.