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Logic One Day (feat. Ryan Tedder)

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Video surfaces of Darren Till’s brutal weight cut for Stephen Thompson fight at UFC Liverpool ... and it’s hard to watch

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Browns bring in MMA legend Chuck Liddell to work with their players during OTAs

It's not uncommon for NFL teams to bring in special instructors during OTAs or training camp. The Denver Broncos brought back former Bronco DeMarcus Ware to work with pass-rushers. The Patriots have famously worked with Navy SEALs.

The Cleveland Browns went in another direction, bringing in MMA legend Chuck Liddell to work with, well, everybody.

Based on this video, it seems like most of Liddell's instruction would be useful for the defensive line, as there's a lot of clubbing and ripping involved. But he also said that one of the most important things he worked on was teaching players about their mindset, which can really apply to everybody.

The most important thing about this, though, is that there better be a bunch of time devoted to these sessions on the next season of Hard Knocks. We need to get all the minute details of how Liddell helped the Browns, just in case they decide to not be so Browns-y next season and actually win some games.

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Fountain-Fort Carson wrestling coach criticized for encouraging Raquel Pennington's return to the ring in bloody UFC fight

Fountain-Fort Carson wrestling coach criticized for encouraging Raquel Pennington's return to the ring in bloody UFC fight

A Colorado Springs-area high school wrestling coach was the subject of a debate last week after his remarks during a UFC pay-per-view main event went viral.

Newly appointed Fountain-Fort Carson coach Jason Kutz, Raquel Pennington's corner, made headlines for encouraging Pennington to continue after she indicated, “I’m done, I want to be done,” during her fight against champion Amanda Nunes.

“I know it hurts. Let’s power through this. Let’s power through this, let’s believe,” Kutz told Pennington after the fourth round. “Change your mindset. Change your mindset. Let’s throw everything we got. We’ll recover later … Throw everything we got.”

Pennington, a Harrison High School grad, returned to the ring and lost in the following round by TKO. Pennington was taken to the hospital after the bout to evaluate a bloodied nose and damaged leg, which was broken in an ATV wreck last year.

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Watch #xtremeteam member Andrew Alirez at Noon!

Andrew Alirez advances to Junior World Team Trials finals at 65 kg  

Submit here to be a part of the #XTREMETEAM

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Local 10-year-old girl is the number 1 ranked wrestler in the country

ALBUQUERQUE N.M. (KRQE) - Jaden Meadows is a 10-year-old wrestler that has been competing in the sport since she was 4-years-old. Her grandfather got her into the sport and she has flourished ever since. 

"I mean, she has the willpower and the strength to back it, and the amazing thing about Jaden is you teach her something and she learns it," said Jaden's grandfather Tomas Jaramillo. 

Jaden has learned and won a lot since she started wrestling. Now, the 10-year-old is ranked No. 1 on the Rocky Mountain National Wrestling leaderboard at 113 pounds in her age group. 

"It's really cool. I like it so much because people get to know that I am a girl that is ranked number 1 in the country," said Jaden Meadows. 

Jaden is a four-time All-American and three-time State Champion wrestler. This past season, Jaden racked up a 52-3 overall record with 46 wins coming by pin. 

"That young lady hasn't lost to a boy in two years. So, it's not that she's not the best girl's wrestler in the country, she's doing things that I have never seen before at that age," said Jaden's Coach Gabriel Garcia. 

Jaden is a multi-sport athlete, but she says wrestling is her favorite. Every year her parents and grandfather ask her if she wants to keep wrestling, and she says 'yes' every time because she has a passion for the sport. 

Jaden wrestles at NMPAL (New Mexico Sheriff and Police Athletic League). The team wrestles year round, and you can find out more by going to their website at nmpal.com or email Coach Garcia directly at coachgabegarcia@yahoo.com 

By: Van Tate 

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MMA Fighter Heinish Finds His Way

MMA Fighter Heinish Finds His Way

2X State Champ Excels on Fight Circuit
Before ascending to his present status as one of the nation’s top up-and-coming mixed martial arts fighter, Ian “The Hurricane” Heinish followed an uncertain path to greatness. A two-time Colorado state champ at 171 & 189 pounds in 2005-06 for Ponderosa, Ian was offered a full ride to wrestle in college. On May 4th in Vail, sponsored by Xtreme Pro Apparel, Ian will fight for the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) middleweight championship.
However, a series of poor choices first landed him in a foreign prison. Stripped of his privileges, forced to adapt to a different culture and language, needing to rediscover himself while incarcerated, Ian turned to boxing and religion. Helped by a relationship with God, Ian now asserts that “my purpose is to inspire through my testimony” having learned that “circumstances do not dictate the person you are.” Ultimately, Ian believes that “you are never too far gone” to get your life under control.

As one who has successfully crossed over from a wrestling background, Ian tells that he is successful through being able to “control the fight” by taking the most advantageous position, either on his feet or on the fighting surface. Wrestling has contributed to his mental toughness; it is “the bridge between striking, wrestling, and grappling.”

To excel as a mixed martial arts fighter, however, Ian counsels that one must put in “years and years of work” and be prepared to adapt technique such as learning to shoot with the head on the inside “so you won’t get put in a jiu-jitsu guillotine. For those first making the transition from wrestling, he advises that they “start boxing in an MMA gym.”

A rising star on the LFA circuit, Ian hopes to advance to the MMA ranks with a middleweight championship. Now 9-1 overall, if he reaches 10-1, then the next part of God’s plan would be in effect. Knowing what he knows now about life choices and what he might do differently, it is also clear that Ian looks back on his past as circumstances which helped him redefine his path to greatness.

Learn more about Ian “The Hurricane” Heinish at http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Ian-Heinisch-187341.
Read how you can become a sponsored member of the Xtreme Pro Team athttp://xtremeproapparel.com/XTREMETEAM_ep_43.html.
Catch Ian Heinish in Vail, Colorado on May 4th for the interim middleweight championship! For front row seats reach 303.408.6938. For general admission purchase online at Heinish vs. Checco (LFA MMA #39)
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Cool story on the journey of XP!

Hard Work Pays off in Xtreme Ways

By: Ceri Robirds

It’s 7:30 in the morning here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and here I sit with a cup of black coffee in my hands waiting for the Freak Show – the wrestling tournament that is. I’m standing with the Xtreme Pro team as the doors open and nearly 2,700 wrestlers and 10,000 spectators flood inside and start to swarm the booth. I stand back watching the team at work grabbing their first sales of the morning. As a mother and son duo are purchasing a new singlet for the weekend, Jordon comes up to give the little man a high five and tells him, “Good luck this weekend!”

“I always knew I’d have a branded product but I never thought I’d be as hands on as I am now.” Those are the words from 25-year-old Jordon Gutierrez, President of Xtreme Pro Apparel, located in Broomfield, Colorado. “My end game [when I started] was to have my own online store so people could go online and buy really good wrestling gear… and it still is.”

Back in October I was able to travel with Jordon and his team to one of the biggest tournaments of the season – The Freak Show of Amatuer Wrestling. This was my first time helping out at a tournament for a sport I knew little about and at the time I didn’t quite know what I was in for – I was about to get a glimpse of just what Jordon and this team are all about. This was the first time Xtreme Pro would be selling their own hand made gear so the stakes were high for this one.

Day one was all about the set up. We spent the greater half of the day putting up the displays of new singlet, rash guard, and fight short sets as well as the tournament shirts and apparel. There were boxes of t-shirts and sweatshirts available in nearly every size imaginable, as well as boxes of headgear, mouth guards, and athletic tape for all the wrestlers involved in the tournament. This was my first time seeing all of the products that were going to be sold over the weekend, and I have to admit – I was extremely impressed. I had no idea that what this company was putting out after just a few months of preparation was going to be so… legit. Not only was the sublimation done extremely well, but every detail down to the stitching was well thought out and made to last. After seeing everything come together I was excited to see how the rest of the weekend was going to play out.

Day two started out bright and early. Doors were opening to the public at 7:30 in the morning so we needed to be there an hour early to make sure everything was ready to go. Heat presses were turned on, wrestling gear was organized and separated by size and design, and stacks of apparel were laid out in the back ready for sale. Once the doors were opened parents and wrestlers alike started lining up left and right to pick out their new gear or purchase a t-shirt with the official Freak Show logo on the front. The day was filled with excitement from those registered in the tournament and stress from the parents and family members watching from the edge of the mats. I was soaking up every minute of the emotions that were going on, on the other side of the tables I was standing behind.

Day three brought more wrestlers and more gear sales to plenty of kids and their parents. But to me it brought even more of an understanding of just what this business means to those that are involved. I spent quite some time helping a wrestling mom as she tried to pick out a new jacket for her son.

“We always come to Xtreme Pro,” she said to me, “I’ve never even thought of going anywhere else. We’ve been with these guys since the beginning.”

I didn’t think much of it at the time as I went about helping her pick out which logos to press on the jacket. It was only after she came back to tell me how much he loved it and that she was so thankful for all my patience and help that I realized just why so much time and effort go into making such quality items.

If you ask Jordon why he works so hard in this business he’ll tell you straight up – for the kids. “I want to sponsor young wrestlers and give back. I want to show them that if they focus on doing what they’re good at and staying out of trouble they can really excel in what they love,” he says as he stresses that, “it takes hard work but I want them to keep pushing forward and never give up.”

One thing that should stand out the most about Jordon and his company is the fact that they put God at the forefront. “God has excelled me in what I’m doing. I put my faith in wrestling… all of this has a greater purpose," Jordon says in regards to the success of his business in just three short years.

After growing up wrestling for more than 15 years, at the age of 22, Jordon made the decision to quit school in order to further pursue a career in wrestling apparel. He had spent weekends working for a company called RMN Events putting on wrestling tournaments across the west coast while still in college, but soon learned he could create a business in relation to the tournaments by putting out his own wrestling products.

Of his decision to skip the classes and jump head-first into reality Jordon says, “I knew I was exactly where I needed to be… At that point I didn’t need to finish school.” That was back in 2013, and now, three years later, the sky’s the limit for this company.

Jordon and his team started as a small organization, selling outsourced singlets and fight gear at RMN Events tournaments for the first year; although, many of the apparel items they were selling were not up to par in Jordon’s eyes. “We were buying items from third parties… but the quality wasn’t there. The sizing was never right and we never truly knew what we were going to get.”

From there he knew it was time to start searching for a better product. Xtreme Pro partnered with another wrestling company on the east coast that made their own wrestling gear and together they were able to start producing double-branded singlets, fight shorts, and rash guards. For the next year Xtreme Pro focused on selling their wrestling gear at tournaments during the season and keeping up with online sales in their off-time.

When looking back on the experience Jordon says, “I was finally happy with the product we were putting out… but I knew there was still room for improvement."

On top of their event sales, they were also able to book a handful of teams in need of custom gear and business was starting to move forward from where they were during their outsourcing days.

After only a year together the duo decided to part ways. Xtreme Pro took everything they had learned through the business venture and put it to use in order to start focusing on the growth of their company on a much larger scale. During the summer of 2016, Jordon took a leap of faith and purchased all that was needed to start his own sublimation of wrestling apparel in-house.

It was a learning process for him and his team but when asked how he feels about now being able to handle the creation of his product from start to finish, he simply puts it: “Relieved.”

Dominic Valenzuela, lifelong friend of Jordon and Director of Sales for Xtreme Pro, stated, “Having the full process done in-house not only gives me the capability to monitor quality control through and through, it [also] allows me to give an honest date to clients to relieve stress. Typical due dates are window time frames and we can dial in a little more with the process being in-house.”

Now they can focus on their own event sales as well as creating more custom team apparel for wrestling teams across the nation.

In this short period of time of getting to know Jordon, I can say one thing: I have never met a 25-year-old that works harder at what he does to achieve the outcome that he wants, than him. Everyone around him is infected with his strong work ethic and his passion for wrestling and all that Xtreme Pro embodies.

Dominic, one of the most involved with Jordon and Xtreme Pro, says of their dynamic, “Growing up within the rather small wrestling community we knew each other… I was asked to come on [to the business] and I didn’t have to think about it long because it just made sense… I am so passionate about our friendship and the company being built that I am willing to go down swinging with him if need be."

 But to Jordon and Xtreme Pro it’s not about the numbers or the sales, it’s about giving back to the wrestling community and doing so by keeping a strong faith.

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Stephen - Crossfire Pt. II (Feat. Talib Kweli & KillaGraham)

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Mystery singlet sweepstakes

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We can make a rabbit look good!

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F2W Pro 7 in Denver tonight!

Date(s) - 07/15/2016
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm



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July Playlist of the Month

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June Playlist

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Tapping Out (Peter)

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I Am (Moses)

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Aztec Warrior Championships


Aztec Warrior April 23, 24, 2016

Folkstyle, Freestyle & Greco & Grappling Click here to sign up


McGee Park Coliseum (5,000 Seats! Up to 16-Mats )
41 Road 5568
Farmington, New Mexico 87401

$35.00 Folkstyle (Saturday)
$35.00 Freestyle (Sunday)
$55.00 for both Folkstyle & Freestyle
$10.00 for Greco at the event (Sunday)

Rookie: $30

Grappling: (Saturday)

(Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco & Grappling)
Deadline is April 18, 2015 at midnight & assures your name on the event apparel. If your wrestler does not make weight, we can scratch him or he can pay a fee of $15.00 to declare another weight unless you purchase the $5.00 weight insurance. All WRESTLERS should MAKE THEIR PRE-REGISTERED WEIGHT! Registration at weigh-ins will be an additional $15.00, so register online and save!

You may change your weight right up until the deadline at midnight April 18th! RMN Event's new tournament registration system now allows registrants the convenience of making weight changes for registered wrestlers up until the registration deadline. You must use the password you registered with, and the invoice number you received at the time you registered in order to access your registration. 

FORMAT: Double Elimination

Last season we offered Beautiful Custom Made Medals for 1st - 3rd & Medals for 4th - 6th Folkstyle

This year it will be offering Trophies for 1st - 3rd AND Custom Medals for 4th - 6th in Folkstyle

Custom Medals for 1st - 3rd - Medals for 4th - 6th Freestyle
Medals for 1st - 4th Greco

Custom Medals for 1st - 4th for Grappling Click to Register for Grappling here:

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Wrestling With God

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The Bottom Line

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Colorado Middle School State

REGISTERRules & Weights | New to RMN Events?

CO Middle School State Championships April 1, 2, 2015


National Western Complex‎
4655 Humboldt Street, Denver, CO‎  

Registration & Fees 
(Note: Top 8 Qualifiers at Regionals are automatically entered for the CO Middle School State Championships)

No need to register ON-LINE. Regionals will send us the information on the top eight (8) qualifiers.

Wrestlers who qualify for State will NOT pay an additional registration fee. TOP 8 Go to State!

Wrestlers must wrestle the same weight they qualified for at their Regional tournament. Wrestlers are expected to make their pre-registered weight class if wrestlers do not make their weight, they will NOT wrestle and there are no re-bracket options.

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Ask, Seek, Knock

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Colorado Middle School State Regionals


Colorado Middle School Regionals March 26, 2016

(Top 8 go to State & wrestle FREE!)
Registration: $40 if Registered by March 10, 2016
Registration: $45.if Registered on/after March 11, 2016

Wrestlers who qualify for State will NOT pay an additional registration fee.

Coaches may enter more then one team & individuals without a team are also welcome!

Confirmation WILL NOT be given by phone. Those who register on-line will receive email receipt with your credit card documentation. ON-LINE registration via the Internet is the only method of Pre-registration! For proof of registration, all participants are encouraged to bring a hard copy of email registration and payment confirmation to weigh-ins!

Registration Changes

You may change your weight right up until the deadline! RMN Event's new tournament registration system now allows registrants the convenience of making weight changes for registered wrestlers up until the registration deadline. You must use the password you registered with, and the invoice number you received at the time you registered in order to access your registration.

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Judging Vs. Condemning

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